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Are business solutions developed to achieve outstanding hiring outcomes. Ensuring the right people have the right roles.

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Is about helping those seeking work or facing tough career choices, discover their inner Rockstar!

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Is about building successful companies and happy communities. One hire at a time

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  • Global Citizens

  • Norm-Challengers

  • Dreamers & Achievers

  • Ethical Practitioners

We know that people are a company’s greatest asset. We know we spend about a third of our lives at work.

We believe it’s critical to have the right people in the right roles. And when the right people in the right roles are provided with the right support, companies prosper and communities flourish.

That’s #hiringexcellence and we help achieve this.

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We all have our inner Rockstar! Those certain qualities which make us so wonderful, so unique, so awesome! And if we find our “band”, well, there’s just no stopping us!

If you’re looking for work, have that little nagging voice in your head saying something’s not quite right, or facing a tough career decision, we’re here to help you discover your inner Rockstar!

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We all know the road to securing our next dream job can be tiresome, frustrating and demotivating. This is when I connected with Taz. Taz offered guidance, support and brought a level of professionalism.......missing in the recruitment process. I cannot recommend Taz enough.

Client Relationship Director, MEA