Welcome to Melius Consulting

An Intro… 

Melius Consulting is my dreamchild, the fruit of many years of head-scratching, chin-stroking, pen-chewing, note-scribbling, debating, questioning, getting frustrated and then forming a vision & belief, culminating with a deep breath and a leap into the unknown!   

Melius Consulting is an advisory & consulting firm dedicated to making the world a better place, one hire at a time.  It’s me utilizing all I have learned and experienced to make a difference.   

Through hard-work, innovation, a never-ending quest for perfection, and a deep-rooted sense of purpose and caring, Melius Consulting will strive to ensure the right people have the right jobs and are provided the very best support to succeed.  In doing this, we drive business success and create happier, healthier, more engaged workforces, communities and ultimately, families. 

Am I Dreaming? 

It may sound utopian, an optimist’s misguided dream, a ‘mountain too high’ or ‘step too far’.  But I see it this way; we spend approx. one third of our lives at work.  Work has a huge impact on our livelihood, our identity, our feeling of self-worth (rightly or wrongly), and so much more.  Isn’t it critical that the ‘marriage’ between employee and employer is as beautiful as possible? 

And if we accept the findings of all those surveys and believe most CEOs, that “employees are a company’s greatest asset”, isn’t it critical that those employees find themselves in the right jobs, harnessing their abilities, enabling their growth, challenging them to be better, providing them with an avenue not only to contribute but also to benefit?    

And doesn’t that make hiring one of the most important activities in any company? 

Two Key Ways 

OK, so conceptually, this makes sense.  But how do we get to this place of right people, right jobs?  The answer is #hiringexcellence. 

#hiringexcellence for companies 

There’s a common saying in recruitment, that “recruitment isn’t rocket science” (note: only rocket science is rocket science but anyway…..).  That’s true, while recruitment, I’m fairly certain, isn’t as complicated as rocket science, it also isn’t as straightforward as one may imagine.  Yet it remains well within the capabilities of any organization and individual, without exception.  Why then is it done so badly, so often? 

Melius Consulting answers this with simple, effective solutions dripping in common sense, devoid of complexity and waste, formed by asking the right questions, challenging accepted norms, and re-imagining all in the pursuit of perfection. 

Our strength lies in bringing excellence to planning, people capabilities, process design, technology selection & usage, vendor management, data analytics and program implementation.  Fancy words for saying that, no matter what your hiring challenge, we can fix it! 

#hiringexcellence for individuals 

Hiring works two ways, right?  Employers seek employees, and employees seek employers.  If, on the one hand, we focus on improving the way employers hire, is there an opportunity to also improve the way employees or job seekers seek? 

I say yes! 

Targeting a job search, ensuring your resume accurately depicts your experiences and abilities, preparing correctly for an interview, all these tasks require skill, practise and I suggest, guidance from a professional. 

That’s why I created the Rockstars by Melius program, a free-to-all program for job seekers or anyone requiring career guidance/assistance, providing them with direct access to me, to what I have learned about the world of hiring.  I’m hoping that by assisting in this way, I can help people find true value and purpose through their work. 

That’s All Folks! 

This is Melius Consulting, and this is #hiringexcellence.  One man’s ambition to serve, one dreamer’s hope of making the world that little bit happier.  Let’s get to work, it’s gonna be fun! 

Thanks for reading 

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