What Is #hiringexcellence?

#hiringexcellence is putting the “excellent” into hiring…..OK maybe that’s saying the same thing in a different way!  Let me try again…. 

#hiringexcellence is about reviewing every step of the hiring approach – from talent strategy to onboarding, from setting up internal teams to using agencies, from Employer Value Propositions to Candidate Experience, from excel sheets to ATS/CRMs – and infusing it with excellence. 

It’s about re-examining, re-imagining and recreating, about challenging norms, innovating and never accepting sub-standard.  It’s about customer-centricity (to an extreme!) and service excellence, about waste-removal and value-addition, about measurable outcomes and results focus. 

#hiringexcellence is about artistry, elegance and beauty, about form and function, about perfect design and flawless execution, about joy and enjoyment, laughter and experience, about human connections and ethical business….  

Interesting!  Why Should We Do This, What Do We Achieve? 

Better hiring outcomes, no matter how you define them. 

#hiringexcellence helps companies make smarter hiring decisions.  It means getting the right people into the right jobs, leading to improved company performance, increased employee engagement and productivity and ultimately, happier lives, families & communities.    

It may sound simplistic but often, the best things are, right? 

Practically, it means identifying and hiring the right talent for your business in a timely, cost-effective, seamless and even enjoyable manner.  That’s right, we can even bring joy back into the hiring process! 

#hiringexcellence Is Not Just For Companies 

As a job seeker, it means using the right approaches to give yourself the best chance of landing that dream job.  If you’re thinking of a career/role change, or tackling a difficult career choice, you can use #hiringexcellence to aid in your decision-making.  

Sounds Good!  What’s Next? 

If you’re a company looking to see how #hiringexcellence can help you build, improve or transform your hiring outcomes, feel free to contact us at info@meliusconsulting.me, we look forward to chatting! 

If you’re a job seeker or thinking about a career change, why not sign-up to your free 15-min consultation with me via our Rockstars program, linked here 

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Welcome to #hiringexcellence 

About Me 

I’m passionate about improving lives and playing my part in making the world a better place.   

Yes, I’m an optimist, a dreamer, a believer in good.  And after spending >25yrs learning the ins and outs of hiring, this is how best I can contribute.   

There are vast improvements to be made to the way we hire.  And given how important people are to an organization, and how much of our lives we spend at work, I believe hiring should be awesome in both approach and experience!   

#hiringexcellence is how we get there. 

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