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We’re making the world a better place by building successful companies and happy communities, one hire at a time

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Our #hiringexcellence business solutions all share the above characteristics. Further, they're conceived from a no-nonsense and common-sense approach to everything we do.
You’ll be amazed at how beautiful hiring can be!

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Cool Logo....Ummm, What Is It?

We’re glad you asked! We like it, it’s a little weird, a little quirky, and quite interesting. Like us, we hope!

The logo is made of two faces coming together to share a common approach. We love different points of view and incorporate those to create shared focus. Which helps us to deliver the very best results.

The logo designers told us to say that.

A “Hi!” from Taz

Hi! Thanks for being here.

I started Melius Consulting for one main reason; to use all I’ve experienced & learned to help others.

After spending over 25 wonderful years working with some of the most fantastic organizations all over the world, I want to help companies of any size or make their best hiring decisions. I believe, after all, that people still make a real difference in the success of any organization.

I want to help job seekers and those making tough career choices by sharing my knowledge and insights into the (weird, yet wonderful) world of hiring so they can make the best decisions and hopefully find purpose, joy & fulfilment in their working lives.

And I want to help recruitment teams & HR professionals excel in their chosen field, to understand the importance of their work, to deliver outstanding value for all stakeholders, and to feel the sense of achievement and reward that I’ve been fortunate enough to experience from doing the job well.

I truly believe that by ensuring employees are in the right roles and are given the right support, we create a better world with happier individuals, families and communities, and successful, effective, valuable companies.

That to me is #hiringexcellence and that’s why I created Melius Consulting.


Founder and CEO