Rockstars by Melius

You’re unique. You’re wonderfully special. You deserve the best in your career.
We’d love to help uncover your inner Rockstar!

we’ve all been in that situation, right?

You may unfortunately be out of work, and we know that for so many people, that is a tragic reality right now.

Or you’re in a role/company that doesn’t quite feel right, something’s missing. Maybe you know what it is, maybe you don't.

Or you’re facing a tough career situation; a performance appraisal, a compensation discussion, change of responsibilities, a retrenchment, job insecurity.

We know these situations are difficult, stressful, anxious, worrying.


We’ve created the Rockstars by Melius program for precisely this. You now have access to a hiring & career expert to help you navigate this turbulent time.

And yes, it’s absolutely free of charge! (doing the right thing makes us feel good!)

So, if you want to discuss how to prepare your resume so it conveys the right information, or how to target your job search (you should!) for max success chances, or prepare/practise for an upcoming interview, or discuss that challenging work situation, use the self-booking system below & choose your 15-min 1:1 slot with Taz.

Welcome to your inner Rockstar!